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Drainage systems - UPOV

Year of construction 2019:

     Development of an executive project, production, supply and installation (assembly) of a complete logitudinal bridge crusher of subsequent settling tanks at the UPOV Center in Zadar,

Year of construction: 2018:

     Supply and installation of pipes and shaped pieces made of stainless and H2S-resistant material for waste air venting - connection to the existing vent
     Replacement and production of ventilation pipes, execution includes production and installation of all pipelines in material class W.Nr.1.4404 (316L), size Ø168 mm.

Year of construction: 2017:

     Production and assembly of connecting segments
     Production and replacement of stainless steel pipes in the dehydration plant, ev. number. JN-10-2017

Year of construction 2016:

     Creation of a new part of the sewage pipeline


Odvodnja Ltd.

Year of construction:

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019


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